Cave Door


It’s the third time I hiked this magical mountain and the view is as stuunning as it was the first time I came up here. And I love the little fairy doors- what a sweet idea. I’m here today with my friend Sharon and her dog Tula. Thank you Sharon for having me saying at your place this weekend and making my time on Salt Spring so wonderful.  Love Franziska from Switzerland


Every time that I come up the mountain it becomes more beautiful. Hopefully, Erskine doesn’t become a development loke Channel Ridge. Before they started to develop that there were some really nice trails. Barney is eternally grateful for the water bowl. Thanks Rosie.


To Rosie and friends,

Greetings from the Big Island of Hawaii. Aloha  Star, Karl, Skina and Saunas


I look forward every year to my trip to Saltspring and especially Rosie’s place.  Will



You inspire us all with your incredible bravery and spirit. Stories of you abound today as we sit in the hot sun thinking of you. Reading the words in these pages from those who knew you and from those that didn’t, it is clear that many people  descend Mt. Erskine having taken a little piece of you with them. Your job in this life and where you are today is to INSPIRE.

Love from Rachel, Peter, Gary, Amber and Jett


My husband and I love to hike – Mt. Erskine is one of our favourites – and we always look forward to saying hello at the top. Rosie lives on even in those of us who didn’t even know her when she was alive. Thank you   Susette and Scott


July 6 2003

Woodstock ad Alice have thoroughly enjoyed this drinking bowl. What a wonderful tribute to Rosie

A fantastic view for all to behold. Thank you  Joe and Lisa –from UK   Terry and Suzanne— from Saltspring

September 23/03

To the Door Wizard of Mt. Erskine—

You bring magic to this already beautiful mountain.  Thanks, thanks and thanks    Jim, Sheri and Majik the dog

Tuesday, April 12, 2004

Hi my name is Malina,

We visited here from Calgary to see our friend. We saw two fairy doors. Did you see any? We came here with our dog Felix. He finished up the last drops of the bowl.  Malina

April 18 2004

Rosie, You must have been a wonderful dog to have such a nice monument dedicated to you. Now even after your life… you continue to bring people happiness.  Dave and Andrea

June 15th 2004

Tula thanks Rosie for the water bowl. She gets pretty thirsty on these warm days. This mountain has kept me sane. 3 to 4 times a week I come here to pray and thank God for the beauty and serenity this mountain givesBowl and all that I have in my life. I’ve sat here screaming, crying, laughing with friends and loving life. I found my first eagle feather among these trails. Thank you for the great gifts. Love forever, Sharon

More August comments

 Fairy DoorI have been looking through the logs and it is amazing how many more people have been going up “the hill” in the last couple of years compared to 2003 and 2004.  We used only one and half books for those years and now we use about 3 books a year. Amazing…

From 2oo5

August 2, 2005

I live in Calgary. Sarah and I am 10.  I really like this hike and I enjoyed the fairy doors and the scenery.

August 18, 2005

This is my 1st visit to SSI and this fabulous trail. What a beautiful place. I didn’t think I’d survive the trek but surprised myself and am happy yo have kept on. Just like life. Get over the hurdles and keep going. This has been a life experience here that won’t soon be forgotten. Thanks to Sherri and Jim for letting me visit and for the higher power for creating this special place. Chris Winnipeg Manitoba

August 12, 2005

Oh Rosie! I hope if dogs take over the world and they choose a king, I hope they don’t go by size because there are a lot of weiner dogs out there with some really good ideas.

Some August Comments

Sunga and KodaHere are some comments from 2004:

August 11, 2004

Today is my 11th birthday. I am hiking here with my mom, my dad and my brother. One month ago we got a puppy. We named her Poppy. She is our first pet and we love her. When she is old enough we will take her up this trail.


August 17, 2004

Saltspring is truly an amazing place. Everytime I think I’ve discovered all there is here it reveals itself a little more. Spending the summer here has truly been a gift and a period of time I will always treasure.

August 18, 2004

A Poem from England

You’re one in a million

You’re special to me

Affectionate, loyal and good company

You’re there when I’m lonely

And when life seems a bore

You cheer me by offering a comforting paw.

The look in your eyes says you quite understand

As you thrust a whiskered, wet nose in my hand

You never desert me, wherever I go

You’re a far better friend

Than some people I know

I thank you by writing this short monologue

to my faithful, devoted companion.. my dog.

Rosie’s Bowl

KodaCharlieRosie’s Bowl is on Mt. Erskine on Saltspring Island.

Hello world!

This  blog is for Rosie, her bowl and Mt Erskine. Over the years many people have written in the log on the top of the mountain and we thought that it would be nice to share some of those comments and stories. This month we will start with comments from August and we’ll post some photos of the mountain as well!